This Stock Could Be Like Buying Amazon in 1997

I know what you're thinking, this is what they all say! There's no way this article will actually give me a ticker for a stock that could be the next Amazon, but alas, you are wrong.

At one point in 1997, Amazon ($AMZN) was trading at $1.49/share. Do you know what else is trading at $1.49/share at the moment of writing this article? That's right, Hertz ($HTZ). That means, simply put, if Hertz stock price goes to Amazon's current stock price ($2692.87), your return on investment will be 180,629.53%. Can you even imagine what you can do with that kind of money? I personally doubt it.

Now let's look at Hertz today:


If we're being honest, this chart may scare some of you, but let's see what it looks like after our 19 year old Technical Analysis expert (unpaid) intern Aaron Johnson draws a few critical lines that indicate significant growth:


Looking pretty good now, right? Thank's Aaron, maybe we'll let you use the bathroom this week. After reaching this conclusion, we are giving a price target to $HTZ at $450/share by the end of 2020. To back up this claim, we're going to dive into some financials.

Hertz has one of the strongest financials out of any company we have researched this year. After declaring bankruptcy, arguably the most bullish indicator we have seen so far, the stock soared as Robinhood investors went into a feeding frenzy. Hertz has a P/E ratio of 4.66, and an EBITDA of 3,812,000 (in thousands), whatever the fuck those numbers mean. Honestly, we don't have a lot of good quants in the firm.

In conclusion, Wall Street Supply firmly believes that buying Hertz ($HTZ) in 2020 will be practically identical to buying Amazon ($AMZN) in 1997. If you disagree with this conclusion, it's because you're wrong and maybe just looked too deep into it. Don't overthink it, we have provided all of the evidence you need to make an educated investment decision with (hopefully) a majority of your life savings/IRA. 


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