The Stock Market is Not Overvalued, According to the Stock Market.

After meeting with the stock market Monday, September 1st, it told us "There is no way that the stock market is overvalued, we are entering a new paradigm of trading and this is only the bottom"

We were stunned, so we tried bringing up some numbers to glance at so the stock market can justify it's current valuation. As we reach over to hand these papers to the stock market, it pushed them away and said "Get that nerd shit out of here. You're really being a buzzkill right now."

Our reporter, frustrated and confused, asked "What about the absurd P/E ratio for almost every tech compa-"

The stock market cut us off by putting its fingers in its ears and screaming "LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH I CANT HEAR YOU LAH LAH LAH LAH"

We have concluded that there is no way to get through to the stock market, but to just shut up and agree with it. 

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