Starbucks Announces They Will Start Accepting Silver as Payment

On July 28th, 2020, Starbucks has announced that they will now be accepting Silver coins as payments for coffee. As the size of the coins will be difficult to count depending on the size or type of coffee you order, all Starbucks locations will have a silver melting room in the back of the store. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson explains, "You come into Starbucks, hand over the silver coin after ordering your drink, our employees go into the back and melt the perfect amount to cover your order, and then we make your drink for you."

With the precious metals boom of 2020, millennials are shifting their focus out of cryptocurrencies and into metals. "The US Dollar will soon be obsolete, all of my money is now in silver and gold", 17 year old Robinhood trader Chet tells our reporter.

With the new policy being rolled out at Starbucks, there are a few drawbacks that Kevin Johnson has brought up. The first and main one being the wait time.

"The problem with melting silver in a coffee store is that instead of taking 10 minutes to hand you your coffee with your name spelt wrong on it, now it will take on average 60 minutes to get your coffee. We feel that our stimulant sludge is so addictive that our mindless consumers will be willing to wait longer."

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