Kodak Investor Relations Conference Quickly Turns into Keg Party

When you consider Investor Relations Conferences, you typically expect it to be a room of old, white men. Kodak completely turned this stereotype upside down at their latest Investor Relations Conference, which was a large room full of young, white men. The young men look almost identical to each other, wearing backwards Vineyard Vines caps and Pategonia vests. Each one has a phone in their hand with Robinhood open as they make sure they are even at the right conference.

We pulled one of the investors aside for a quick word -

"It's pretty chill that they decided to start making medical shit. I don't really know much about it, but I saw how crazy the stock was going and I had to hop aboard" - Bradley, 19 years old, Zeta Tau Alpha

After the conference started gaining traction, other fraternity brothers couldn't help but notice seeing the large group of young, white men on snapchat, and assumed it was just another kegger. Soon after, vans of fraternity brothers start appearing from every direction, with kegs and beer bongs. 

"We seem to have lost control over the entire conference," Kodak Investor Relations Employee Paul Dils explains, "These absolute animals just came out of nowhere and started acting like Jordan Belfort screaming into the microphone"

The police were eventually called but since the party was full of only white fraternity kids, the police were able to deescalate the party without having to resort to violence.

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